TESTABLES, THE - Pulque 7"

  • TESTABLES, THE - Pulque 7"
  • Label: Snap!
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Special edition on vinyl of 7" for sale in Madrid; "Delia Records", "Escridiscos", "Bangla Desh Discos" and "Bajo el Volcán".
Also on "Peggy Records" in Ourense, "Honky Tonk" in Vigo, "A Reixa Tenda" and "Disco Precio" in Santiago DC..
Limited to 300 copies.

They recorded this album:
Mr.A on bass guitar
Mr.G to the sax
Mr.J to the battery
Mr.X on guitar
Produced by "Fonorraptor Studios" in Madrid, in 2018
Edition of "Snap Records" and "Rocktopus Tea Party Records" in 2019