INDIAN WARS - Songs from the North LP

  • INDIAN WARS - Songs from the North LP
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INDIAN WARS - Songs from the North LP

On their first album cover they had a horse, this one is sporting a wooden duck. You may ask if there is some kind of plan behind all of this. Well, of course not. Or maybe thats the plan. I guess its just like the five guys who call themselves INDIAN WARS persue a "plan" that is to stick together, write, play and record outstanding songs and release records on small labels like BACHELOR.

This here is the third slab of vinyl we put out on our imprint, and we are so glad to have the possibility to work with them! It started several years ago when we heard the track "If you want me", which turned us into releases the debut 7" back in 2009.

After their very successful first full lenght released in 2011, "Walk around the park" they soon had new ideas, new songs, and tried them on live audience around their hombase, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

They booked a studio to record their sophomore album in just one night, in the wee hours, when the rate is cheap, with hardly any overdubs and with live vocals. Beside of their instruments, skill and musicianship they also  used alcohol to finish this epic album, at least this is what I think of when I'm listening to the songs... The music is quite diverse, you can take a journey through roots country, rock and roll and garage punk-eske songs, but it still sounds very homogenous in its entirety. Yeah, its only blah blah, but how can someone write about this great full lenght without starting to stutter - LISTEN FOR YOURSELF!

All Songs written by INDIAN WARS.
Recorded by Tanis Gibbons at The Hive.
Mastered by Stu McKillop.

Limited to 500 copies
Black Wax, with a 4 paged insert.

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