REAL LOSERS, THE - Music For Funsters LP

  • REAL LOSERS, THE - Music For Funsters LP
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OLD PRESS TEXT: UK's one & only REAL LOSERS are back with their second album! While the first was, allthough with a pretty bad sound, an absolute scorcher, this one is even better! The sound is sharp as a Solingen knife (ha), the songs are right in your face without being hectic brutal shit! This is what punkrock is all about: short songs, simple, snotty vocals all performed by this 3 piece of fun. Can be a classic like THE SAINTS first album. This guitar is awesome. Bashing 3 chords and a singer that is just simply mad! I can see YOU exactly when you turn volume on 10 right after you put the plastic on yer stereo! Sitting there with open mouth and shaking shaking.. shaking! And listening to their version of "mongolid", originally performed by DEVO! A feast of trash it is!!!!! Perfect. The wax is on heavy 220g vinyl and the artwork is an eye-catcher. Comes also with insert incl. The Real Losers Bumper Jerk Search!

1. Look Real Sharp
2. Brainwash City Again
3. Birdbrain S.O.T.
4. Just Too Late
5. Tear Me Apart
6. Mongoloid
7. Pop-A-Doodle
8. Let´s Get Stoopid
9. My Rocket Radio
10. Endless Szmmer
11. Teenage Treatz
12. Watcha Know About Me
12. Just A Runaround
14. Boy in A Chinese Shop
15. Move It

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