BEAT BEAT - debut LP

  • BEAT BEAT - debut LP
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BEAT BEAT - s/t   LP

I think it was about two years ago when the austrian Garage Punk Sensation called RODRIGUEZ stopped playing. Drummer Nolte didn't really know what to do with his sparetime so he bought himself a guitar and and amp and tried to write songs on his own, recording them with a drum machine. So far so good, but still he wanted to be in the spotlight so he got himself a band and told them to play the songs he wrote. They said yeah, but we will make some changes, kick out the drum machine, you gotta play drums AND sing. Well, it turned out to be a good idea cause some guy in Canada listend to these freshly recorded songs and offered them to do a 7”!!!

After another 7” in Bachelor / Milk and Chocolate Records they started to play live more often and even got them small tours and a longer one overseas! After this USA and CANADA trek in 2009, BEAT BEAT finished recording the full length and gave the recordings to Matteo from the MOJOMATICS. He polished the songs a bit and after “only” one year of production time here is the final LP….

If you catch them live you will soon know why it took forever to get this album done… these guys like playing live and par-tee-ing a lot more than just record songs and do stoopid photo shoots for the artwork… It's really Garage Trash Pop in perfection! Two guitars, bass and a drummer who is doing lead vocals, all sounding like some of the high points of the long gone Crypt and SFTRI era with a mashing of the Spaceshits more 50's-ish smash-up's and the going off the rails engine block explosion of a lost Dirtys track! But very DANCEABLE!!!

Taco Show 7” (Spin the Bottle)
Without You 7” (Bachelor / Milk and Chocolate)
Super T.O.P Tape (Pizza Party)
self titled 12” (Bachelor)

Print Run: 500 copies, black vinyl, housed in a full color printed cardboard sleeve.
Recorded in summer 2009 in a room in Klagenfurt, mixed by Jim, Nolte and Philipp in Jim‘s living room in Klagenfurt. Mastered by Mojomatt at Outside Inside Studio in Treviso.
All songs by Beat Beat.
Artwork by Nolte.
Catalog Number BR-30

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