QUINTRON - Ring The Alarm 7"

  • QUINTRON - Ring The Alarm 7"
  • 5.00€

Quintron, concert organist, inventor of the DRUM BUDDY (tm), nighclub owner and suave man gave us the opportunity to release two great recordings on this nice piece of vinyl. He continues his quest for perfect SWAMP TECH (tm) par-tee music, this time its not straight forward and harsh, like some of his older records on RHINESTONE, BULGE and GONER are, here he delivers two moody and danceable toe tappers full of surprises and edgy moves. Go to our old skool myspace site to test the title track! They are on tour in Europe in two days so try to catch them. They have a limited tour 7" of this release with them, on color vinyl.

For more info, please send me an email or visit our website.

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