• GENITAL HOSPITAL - Street Mummy LP
  • Label: Ptrash
  • Catalog Number: Full Trash 98
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  • 6.00€

ZACK! The second album by one of Montreal's finest weirdos GENITAL HOSPITAL takes no prisoners. You get even 10 catchy forceful & rousing KBD-garage-punk tunes being mired in psychedelic intoxication. A bit like CARBONAS cover MODERN PETS or way around including gang-vocals, great busy riffs, thirsty pogo beat and sprinkles of CPC GANGBANGS and The B-SIDES.
Again a few tracks have a slightly southern touch owing to harmonica fills while others get driven by a simple but relentless organ vibe and cocksure all tracks kick ass – "Verdammte Sheisse". The whole damn thing is an all in all unique sounded smasher to burst any party - a really total boozy mess!
Recorded & mixed by Jean-Michel Coutu, mastered by Ian of DAGGER EYES & perfectly illustrated by Darren Merinuk – a killer cover for "Street Mummy", one he says may be his best ever!!

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