HAPPY NEW YEAR - The Morning After The Night Before LP

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR - The Morning After The Night Before LP
  • Label: Sunny Day
  • Catalog Number: SUN014
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The new members in our family are one of the best kept secrets of Spanish pop-rock. They come from the west as we do and are not unfamiliar with the composition of great pop songs since many years ago.
It’s been a long time since they composed their first songs - a bunch of home tapes that we keep in a safe place as the treasure they are - full of great melodies. If they had been born in a big city, where fashions and hypes are created, those early demos would have been enough to gain a cult status for HNY, however they were not and fame has always eluded them through their intermittent career. Nevertheless, HNY, far from wasting their time complaining, have decided to change this situation with an irrefutable proof of musical mastery.
Happy New Year bring to us their best so far, a work of pure and perfect guitar pop, where they gather old and new compositions. A work where you can feel the melancholy of Big Star or Neil Young, the guitar rage of American 90’s rock (think of The Posies, Jayhawks or Matthew Sweet), and the spirit of bands such as Teenage Fanclub or BMX Bandits. A tight work where it’s impossible to find any down and there’s no time to rest; melodies interweave and guitar riffs pile until they leave you breathless. You end up surrendering, satisfied and willing to put back the needle on the first groove again.

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