PANIC BEATS, THE - Rest In Pieces LP

  • PANIC BEATS, THE - Rest In Pieces LP
  • Label: Ptrash
  • Catalog Number: Full Trash 96
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There is a knife that never runs dull......There is a bloodthirst that never can be quenched....There is a well of lives out there that never runs dry. About time for PANIC BEATS master sicko Dale VanThomme to send out the hooded ripper again.
Piece by piece this new album adds to the rotten Slaughter-Punk corpse that Dale has been suturing up in his basement in the last couple of years. Again, there’s enough blood and gore in every groove of this record to make a butcher smile. Dale’s chop chop skills have improved steadily and he takes his time now to delightfully disembowel his victims and frantically feast on these 12 horror-flick-inspired, RAMONES-riff-drenched and manically driven songs that leave nothing to the imagination. With songs like “Get ready for a bloodbath“, “Chop Chop“, “Silent Night, deadly night“, “I drink your blood“ or “God forgives, I don’t“ he shows how big a fan he is of unleashed psychos and killers and how much he gives a damn about metaphors, messages and good taste. Is the acoustic title track on the end of the record a sign that the ripper is retiring? From the expression on his face under the hood (again a fine piece of art kaputt by Rick Melton) you can tell: He hasn’t even started yet. Severed heads make the ripper grin. Grab a knife, punk!

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!

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