GIFT, THE - Running around this town LP

  • GIFT, THE - Running around this town LP
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The Band THE GIFT is a new combo from Nantes, France. Featuring members of The Headliners, The Rudes, The Janitors and the Protokids. The band is mainly influenced by late 70’s Punk, Power Pop and Mod Revival.

Post-punk New Mod Sound!!!

Ready for a trip with lots of surprises, trials & tribulations? If classical Power Pop is fueled with cans of soda and packs of Bubble Yum, this Nantes- based band´s idea of sweets is a mid-priced Pinot Noir! It starts with some really strong, forceful and catchy Power Pop/ Mod tunes. But more and more it get mixed with deep, dark and urban Post- Punk / New Wave sound. And after becoming the „Fly on the Wall“ it is necessary to recognize by the bitter sweet last song that: „These words are the shitest things I´ve ever seen” !

Last but not least: This is their debut LP, feat. members of The Headliners, Janitors, The Rudes and The Protokids.

Blank Stare
Many Defeats
Golden Gate
No Time To Wait
Can´t Fade And Die
Running Around This Town
Make Up Your Mind
White Light
Fly On The Wall

Julien - vocals, guitar
Romain - bass guitar
Simon - drums

Tags: gift, mod, beat