CLAW HAMMER - Deep in the Heart of Nowhere 2xLP

  • CLAW HAMMER - Deep in the Heart of Nowhere 2xLP
  • Label: Munster
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Deluxe Gatefold Sleeve! Munster presents an amazing show of an amazing band! Recorded live on May 5th, 1995 in Dallas, Texas. Artwork by Art Chantry.

This live album is a mighty sonic document of one of the most unclassifiable American bands of the 1990s. In the middle of a 1995 tour where their noise rock was often met by the indifference and incomprehension of audiences not ready for such full-on assault, CLAW HAMMER registered a show in Dallas that reveals the unique, wild and physical style only they possessed.

A1. Moonlight On Vermont
A2. Mahaney Bus Ride
A3. Sticky Thing
B1. Hollow Legs
B2. Five Fifths Dead
B3. Bums On The Flow
C1. Succotash
C2. Malthusian Blues
C3. Hammer Jam
C4. Bedside Coffee Table Roses
D1. Montezuma's Hands
D2. William Tell
D3. Uncontrollable Urge
D4. Sick Fish Belly Up