BOSSY - The best of Bossy Tape

  • BOSSY - The best of Bossy Tape
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Hand dubbed with Dolby NR, fluorescent blue or purple shells, and includes download code. This album should keep on existing, so here it is!! On tape for the first time... Originally released on vinyl by Wild World Records in 2009 (WW003), and is extremely hard to get a hold of...

Track listing and streaming:
A1 - Who Loves You More
A2 - California Big Deal
A3 - Walk Around
A4 - Hey Hey My My (Neil Young)
B1 - The Monster
B2 - No Life
B3 - Staring Contest
B4 - Dirty Fingers
B5 - Who Loves You Most

Stream the album HERE!

"Bossy was a band Feb 2006 - June 2007.
Justin Sullivan: Drums
Jamie Ewing: Bass / Vocals / Harmonica / Drawings
Cassie Ramone: Guitar / Vocals

Recorded by Mark Ospovat.
Summer 2006.

This record is dedicated to the memory of Jamie Ewing."