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You should never love a cop. Even a good cop isn’t loveable. But c’mon we’re talking here about this noisy three piece hailing from Vienna. We love them so much that we decided to release their first bunch of songs on tape. On there debut they bang out hymns within the great tradition of post-punk, catchy lo-if athems, adolescent dreams -and yes - we almost forgot - cookie baking. It’s no coincident that Good Cop and Eternal Laser found to each other.

This fusion makes totally sense: An Eternal Laser in the hand of a good cop could be the ultimate evil, a dangerous weapon and guarantee for the upcoming apocalypse that will end in a beach party full of toxic waste, bikini girls dancing a bloody tango with piranhas while radioactive farts out of a Chiwawas‘ ass masks the bad smell of burned human flesh and fresh tulips. Tapes come with a die cut screenprinted cardboard box and are limited to 100 pieces.