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MYELIN SHEATHS - Stackticon 7"
Cassandra, Joel, Martine and Paul went to the lab and found the perfect formula on how to start an extraordinary band: ”None of us really knew how to play our instruments very well, but we shared similar tastes in music and were getting stoked about the same bands (the Urinals, the Cramps, the Gories, Mark Sultan, Cheap Time, Wax Museums, Nobunny, Wicked Awesomes, The Spits,) and decided that we could probably succeed in an experiment of having fun.” And out comes one of the most thrilling singles in 2009... a tightrope walk between noise and melody, weirdo punk and lyrics about scientific observations.... they have another 7" out on HOZAC soon.
Print Run: 500 copies, black vinyl, housed in a full color cardboard sleeve.
Recorded at Mammoth Cave Studios, Alberta, Canada. Artwork and layout by CMR

THE POWERCHORDS - More than me /w Chemical Girl 7"
It‘s hard to toss the term „Poppunk” nowadays, it has become a generic term for commercial-radio music that has guitars and drums. Poppunk isnt punk that was just polished to make it suiteable for everyone‘s ears. Poppunk is snotty and fast 77 styled songs mangled and put on a griddle, strewn with sugar and cut into pieces that have the exact songs structure of 60ties heroes like ZOMBIES and BEACH BOYS with a touch of UNTERTONES and BUZZCOCKS. These two songs here are the perfect example of how simple and catchy songs can sound, and how hard it must be to assemble all the pop hooks and harmonies. It‘s no surprise that we are proud to have them on our label!
Print Run: 500 copies, black vinyl, housed in a full color cardboard sleeve.

THE CAVE WEDDINGS - Never Never Know /w The Last Time 7"
So this is it, the last release of the CAVE WEDDINGS ever… sad thing, yeah, but I am glad that we managed to get them to release it on our imprint. These two songs are sugar coated but still not too sweet, they are kinda lo-fi-ish but in a good way, and like most BACHELOR releases it has the right amount of melody in it, like that magic abra cadabra formula that made 60ties pop songs into nationwide hit singles! The CAVE WEDDINGS were Eric, Erin and Nathan, these songs were recorded in the summer of 2009, mastered by Justin Perkins, Bass and Backing Vocals by Logan, Matt and Chris of the MIDWEST BEAT, Sleeve Art by Chris Capelle.

PIPSQUEAK - Aint that sad +3 7"
Long time ago, slightly drunk after the lunch break, and I wanted to chill a little bit and play EMERALD MINE on my Commodore 128D. I couldn’t find the right 5 ¼ inch floppy disk and it made me angry so I called Mindy via intercom. Well, she came in, also a bit tipsy, and sat on my desk, right where this white foldable device with the apple on it was standing, an apple that has been used already cause you can easily see that someone has bitten of a piece. Anyways, this thing began to send audio signals of superior quality, true in sound but I couldn’t get the lyrics. After very entertaining 2 hours I called the interns to find out what this is and I also gave them a recording contract and instructions on how to get this “artist”. Now, only 2 years later I finally have the lyrics! Printed with black ink on with paper, on the inlay of the PIPSQUEAK debut vinyl 7”! Man, that was a crazy day. 500 black vinyl.

QUINTRON - Ring the Alarm / Jamskate
Quintron, concert organist, inventor of the DRUM BUDDY (tm), nighclub owner and suave man gave us the opportunity to release two great recordings on this nice piece of vinyl. He continues his quest for perfect SWAMP TECH (tm) par-tee music, this time its not straight forward and harsh, like some of his older records on RHINESTONE, BULGE and GONER are, here he delivers two moody and danceable toe tappers full of surprises and edgy moves.