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THE FEELERS - Nothing Always 7"
THE FEELERS are back with this great 7", spazzed out "Killed by Death" Punk, snotty vox & hectic songs, this came out for their 2007 Euro Tour with the CLOROX GIRLS. Right after the tour THE FEELERS disbanded but from time to time they are still playing shows. ACHTUNG: Green Sleeve is sold out, Red Sleeve available!

This is the kind of garage punk that makes me glad that I am not completely deaf yet , but I will soon be because I cannot stop listening to these four songs without pumping up the volume just a little bit more after every song. This is the second single of this trio from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and its just not too trashy so you can easily play it when you are DJing at the local hipster hangout and leave the RIP OFFS, PROBLEMATICS, TEENGENERATE and RAYDIOS singles at home cause they have been recorded way to crappy anyways. REAL NUMBERS take the punk edges of before mentioned bands and drench it into a bittersweet juice. Recorded by Brian Hermosillo.

Still sad because THE FEELERS stopped playing about two years ago? Well, here’s a serious contender, the GUT REACTIONS from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! This three songs will hit you like a derailed steam loco, so damaged and spectacular, straight but still out of control. Just like THE MISTREATERS. Watch out for more releases of this band later this year, but first, get yourself this firecracker of a 45! This makes you slash your teachers tire’s AND dance stupid at the same time!

THE TERRORDACTYLS - Overlapping Circles / Friendship 7"
This 7” actually does not contain only two songs, its four!!!!! On the A-Side you get the normal album versions, I dunno when the album is gonna be out so consider this as a teaser. On the flipside there are alternate versions of these two songs. Limited to 500 copies and surely a must have for the sophisticated connoisseur of lo-fi-ish kinda anti-folkish pop songs! Armed with a new Kazoo sponsorship by Kazoobie Kazoos, the band is currently on their first ever euro tour and putting the finishing touches on their second full length album.

BARRERACUDAS - Dog Food /w Diet Coke
Please don‘t ask. I dont know what a Barreracuda is. Maybe a typo? All I know is that this band called BARRERACUDAS is good, so good that you can smell success. These four lowlifes from Atlanta, Georgia, have a solid 7" out on Douchemaster Records already which sounds very Glam / Pub Rock-esque and because of that this band was flying under my radar. BUT the new songs go into the Powerpop / Punkrock direction and of course GENTLEMAN JESSE and EXPLODING HEARTS come to mind while listening / dancing to this but ssssshhhh.... I dont want to start the hype machine. Look out for a hit album in 2010, but meanwhile, buy one or two copies of this single here! (Not only because there is a naked poodle and a hooker on the backsleeve). Artwork and layout by Andy Burr (WOVEN BONES)