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THE PACIFICS - Play Favourites 7"
You may not like THE PACIFICS if you are absolutely impervious to beat music, but if you have the slightest interest in todays dance music you will soon come across this great new combo! Hailing from the reeking streets of Dublin, Ireland, these four lads will soon rise to be the next big thing in musical history. The four recordings on this vinyl record might be a bit rough for your young ears, but if you listen carefully you can surely hear their brain blistering talent. They are the most dazzling musicians of our age, their extraordinary songwriting skills are more than obvious. When playing live, they never do an encore. Why you ask? Well, first of all doing encores is for rock dinosaurs and hippie bands, secondly the crowd is already trashed... cause this music should be consumed exactly like it was recorded: with some pints of Guinness and some glasses of whiskey in your gut. I always do it this way! Burp!" Walther F. Ringelnatz, Editor, Beat Me! Magazine.

THEE TEE PEES - You're a turd 7"
HOKA HEY!!! BUDGET ROCK IN THE YEAR OF 2011!!!! THEE TEE PEES are a Farfisa-fueled rock n roll group that have reluctantly been hailed as the Garage Punk Saviors of the NEW Manifest Destiny (we're taking it back!). They rock at least as hard as the last band that tried to rock as hard as the Mummies and have been bringing their disconcertingly primitve drum beats, clumsy bass notes, ripped off guitar solos, and childish organ riffs to true rock and roll fans across the world. Thee Tee Pees feature members of the Jinxes - a band widely regarded by many as the WORST BAND IN LOS ANGELES - continue their aural assault on those willing to listen. This is their debut 45! Choke full of Farfisa-pumped rock n roll chaos! GET IT NOW OR GET SCALPED! HOKA HEY!! CLASSIC LOOK: cheeeep as shite glued paper sleeve with insert and a crappy rekurd inside! Dont tell me I didnt warn you haha!

THEE MAKEOUT PARTY - Jungle Cruise 7"
"These songs are from THEE MAKEOUT PARTY‘s "lost" 2nd album. Originally recorded in my garage by Patrick Haight and myself with more tracking done in a school facility in Sacramento. It was finally finished long after the band stopped playing together, in much the same way the other recordings were. With me goin‘ over unfinished songs or sloppy takes myself. Lee is unhappy with this version, I was unhappy with the old one and didn't want to abandon these songs. The tape was unfinished, unmixed and barely released. But who cares? I'm trying not to... Enjoy the songs, if you wanna hear more email me..." As you can see the cover art is b/w, and the record comes with a set of 12 crayons, so you can color the sleeve just like you want to... No Crayons included cause we ran out of em!

CYCLOPS - Eye cant take it 7"
DO YOU LIKE DUMB FUN GARAGE PUNK!?!?!?!?! Well, then you cant go wrong with this rekurd!!! It's the Cyclops, from Cyclops Island! This is JonnyCat from THE CHEMICALS and the Portland Punk Label JONNYCAT, and Tina Lucchesi from BOBBYTEENS, TRASHWOMEN and tons of other illustrious bands... And its punk. And King Louie played guitar on some track. It will hit you in the face like a dirty and wet rag. Simple lyrics, often only one line, thats enuff!

THE PEAWEES - Diggin' the Sound 7"
We've been observing this band since Stardumb Records put out their "Dead End City" album in 2001. Yes, thats long time ago. Together with THE MANGES they represent the always strong italian punk rock scene. Now with five albums and a couple of singles they asked us if we could support them with putting out a tour single, and well, of course we said yeah! So here it is.... one track of their recently released "Leave it Behind" album (Wild Honey Records) and one unreleased gem...

 Thee Makeout Party   Cyclops