TRAUMAHELIKOPTER - Look the other way / No hope 7"

  • TRAUMAHELIKOPTER - Look the other way / No hope 7"
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TRAUMAHELIKOPTER - Look The Other Way / No Hope 7"

File Under: Garage Rock

We are very proud to present the new single of TRAUMAHELIKOPTER on Bachelor Records. We have the copies ready for shipping, and now its your turn to snatch some copies. The print run is 500 copies.



"With their record collections representing the entire rock ‘n’ roll history, covering obscure country, blues, R&B, beat, punk, wave, grunge, contemporary garage and whatnot, these guys know what’s up. With a devil-may-care-attitude the band has played all over the world, and Burger Records released their first two albums on cassette and LP. And now Bachelor presents a brand new 7”!

The recordings on this classic two song 45 are a bit rougher than the ones on their latest LP. The difference is more than obvious if you listen to the song “No Hope” which is featured in a stripped down version on “I Don't Understand Them At All” but in a loud rockin' version on the B-side of this 7”... And Look the Other Way is a just a catchy smash hit single!

Better get ready. Everything they say is true!"

Listen to the A-Side: SXSW 2016 Schedule
Listen to the B-Side: Soundcloud

“These dudes know the antidote to staleness”, Pitchfork wrote after hearing traumahelikopter's single Down In The City back in 2013. The Dutch trio became notoriously famous in their home country after a wildly enthusiastic crowd destroyed the ceiling of a venue at one of Europe's biggest showcase festivals,
Eurosonic. Their self-titled debut was released on cassette by Burger Records the same year, and the band played shows all over Europe and in the US. Last summer Burger released their second full-length called I Don't Understand Them At All both on LP and cassette, while Amsterdam based Excelsior Recordings took care of the European release. Although their second album manages to keep to keep the stripped-down, in your face garage rock attitude - “100 MPH garage punk blast, don't let it pass you by” as Burger fittingly puts it - that defines their critically acclaimed debut, there's also more room for catchy melodies and crafty songwriting. “The sound is artfully structured to create a fullness from two guitars and a three-piece drum set” and “depressing existentialism and heartbreaking loneliness has never sounded so outstandingly fun” WVAU's Barbara Martinez concludes. After releasing a split 7” with LA band Together Pangea traumahelikopter are currently working on their third studio effort, which will see the light of the day early next year.

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