NATURAL CHILD - Hard in Heaven LP

  • NATURAL CHILD - Hard in Heaven LP
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A pioneer of rock music, Natural Child is a significant influence on the development of both themusic and the attitude associated with the rock music lifestyle. With songs such as "Shamewalkin"(2009), "White People" (2011), "Ain't Gonna Stop" (2012) and "Let The Good Times Roll"(2012), Natural Child refined and developed rhythm and blues, psychedelia, and country intothe major elements that made rock and roll distinctive.
Nashville rockers Natural Child formed in the spring of 2009. Amid non-stop touring they released their debut album 1971 in 2011 on Infinity Cat Records. In 2012, the band release
TWO full-length albums: „For the Love of the Game” and „Hard in Heaven”, both on Burger Records. The latter is now re-released on vinyl by the Austrian Garage Punk label BACHELOR
RECORDS, in support of their upcoming Euro Tour in October / November 2013.
Track Listing
1. Laid, Paid, and Strange
2. Rock Bottom
3. What You Gonna Do
4. Hard in Heaven
1. B$G P$MP$N
2. Blind Owl Speaks
3. Low Down Blues
4. Derek’s Blues
5. Let The Good Times Roll

"Natural Child led off with their swampy blues-punk, their road-vetted, gritty riffs and doubled vocal melodies a sweaty, stoner-friendly pleasure as always. Wes Traylor probably has my favorite bass tone of any Nashvillian, and Natural Child is basically as much a comedy act as a punk band — what with their face-pulling and intentional cross-talk banter. Truly, one of the best sets I saw all day." – (Nashville Scene)
"We were in Atlanta the other night, and there was some record shop open, and it was blaring some music out. We couldn't tell whether it was Natural Child or the Stones, and that made me really happy." – (Ben Swank, co-founder of Third Man Records)
„“They’re a lot more fun than the Black Keys or Kings of Leon or the few other bands that supposedly carried the torch for real rock in the past decade, and For the Love of the Game shows Natural Child maturing rapidly upon the classic rock radio moves of their debut 1971, and settling into their own skin a little bit.” – Get Bent Nashville, TN”
“Somehow, between the dizziness of bong rips, they’ve done more than just spew out mindless releases. They’ve managed to elevate their sound from the commonplace amped-up garage of their early singles to a complex level that’s more accurately likened to classic rock fused with country and blues.” - (Stomp and Stammer, June 2012)
“…the vibe in the room was beer-soaked, exuberant and massively fun.” - Village Voice
“From the moment they thump out that infectious, sledgehammer beat, Natural Child had me in their sludgy yet vigorous, stoner-punk clutches…these southern ruffians have been thoroughly steeped in ’60s garage rock and psychedelia, and from it distilled their own gnarlier, countrified rock and roll.” – My Old Kentucky Blog

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