UZI RASH - Whyte Rash Time LP

  • UZI RASH - Whyte Rash Time LP
  • Label: Dead Beat
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UZI RASH- Whyte Rash Time LP.  Left coast wack jobs UZI RASH continue to make some of the most unique and memorable  music around.  Sounding like a stripped down garage band diving head first into a bottle of cough syrup, UZI RASH blast irresistibly, unpredictive tunes from the outer viscera of the garage scene.  It's all bottom heavy, gutted, swamp-fuzz slathered in their own shimmering, oddball charm that helps UZI RASH carve out  there own little pantheon of coolness in wierdsville.  Sloppy, shambolic cave man thud that'll sidle up nicely against your Cramps, Swell Maps, Cheater Slicks, and Pussy Galore records.  A chaotic mess from start to finish.


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