THE ROMAN LINE . Morning Portraits CD

  • THE ROMAN LINE . Morning Portraits CD
  • Label: Monster Zero
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The first non-European release on Monster Zero is ‘Morning Portraits’ by The Roman Line from Toronto, Canada. It’s their debut record, but it’s so motherflippin good! The four-piece went into the studio with none other than Joe Queer to record these 12 brand new tracks. Taking the best elements of punkrock, rock n roll and country, The Roman Line hits you where it hurts, right in the heart! As if the Boss was rockin’ out with Screeching Weasel! Singer Pod has a great, intense voice, that is raw and direct. Whoever said Canadians are stupid? ‘Morning Portraits is well-produced, well-written, well-composed, and there’s a hot, tattoed chick on the cover! Get it now, eh!

01 - Intro
02 - Dawn After The Wreck
03 - No Vacancy
04 - My Dear Wilmarth
05 - Jimmy
06 - With Friends Like You, Who Needs Firewood
07 - You Fuck Off First, Then I’ll Fuck Off
08 - Dark Days In Monkey Town
09 - Worst Case Ontario
10 - Stickin’Together Is What Good Waffles Do
11 - Talbot & Inkerman
12 - If These Walls Could Talk