BAD SPORTS - Kings of the Weekend LP

  • BAD SPORTS - Kings of the Weekend LP
  • Label: Dirtnap
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Fantastic second album!!! Includes download code, for those who care....


GET BENT wrote:

True to the title, Bad Sports capture the sound of the weekend here on their second LP. Fun, loud, and raucous, but with enough slow(er) moments that make you savor the frenzy. Based out of Denton, TX, they just might be the spiritual successors of The Marked Men (if they are in fact done for good). Here, they have crafted an album of exuberant, poppy punk music with enough garage bent to keep it from being boring. While the uptempo punkers outweigh the midtempo rockers on this album, both styles of tracks seem to flow with ease. The buzzsaw guitar sound that characterizes garage punk is a constant and often causes the vocals to duck under the guitars in the mix. The lyrics are pretty typical, mostly about girls, but my favorites lyrically include the ode to self-obsession “I’m In Love With Myself”, and “Can’t Stay”, a speedy Ramones rip which nearly everyone can relate to—kicking a freeloader off of your couch. The album closes with “Days Of Denton”, a song that encapsulates the band’s sound. They lament about the ennui associated with being in a band. “What’s the point of playin’ if you’re not getting paid? / What’s the point of even tryin’ when you’re dyin’ in the days of Denton.” Perfect. Dirtnap Records.

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