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01. Yes ma´am
02. Want me dead
03. Gaga go

'' Let's keep this simple: Columbian Neckties is the Band I've had the most personal experience with, as a label. On top of that, they are one of the few Garagepunk-outfits, who can simultaneously count Names such as Tim Warren (Crypt Records),Alfred Bradford (Green Hell) as well as Lars Krogh (Bad Afro) amongst their die-hard Fans, apart from myself that is, of course! Enough reason to be straight-up subjective when it comes to this band and that's exactly my point here.
To me, Columbian Neckties is Europe's finest Garagepunk band and definitely in the top 5 internationally. No one shreds the guitar faster than Henrik and no one comes close to Jeppes vocal delivery. Everything just seems to fit perfectly with the Columbian Neckties.
This is Punk – Punk and not Rock in disguise. Garage will always be Garage and that means getting your hands dirty.
Their shows never fall short from being total revelations and are cramped with energy to an extent, that you could illuminate the Autobahn at night, if we were able to feed that energy into our power circuits. Most of all, Columbian Neckties are real! Not just Students jamming around, No Dressmen, no 'we'll-do-whatever-the-industry-can-sell' – types, but rather the boys from nextdoor who happen to play mindblowing Garagepunk.
This is what counts and sticks to both brain and heart.
After a 3-year break, Columbian Neckties is now finally releasing their new single ''Yes Ma'am'' and once again taking it to all those stages, that mean the world to me.''

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