• BARRERACUDAS - Can do easy LP
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It seems like every year, talk of 'summer's ending' comes sooner and sooner. 'Back to school' sale TV ads pop up mid-July, kids are dodging first base pads while running plays at too-soon football practice down at the high school ball field, etc. etc. Well we aim to help reverse that trend right now by posting the album stream of the new Barreracudas album, Can Do Easy.

It's a big blast of ripped-jean riffs, simple-smack drums, poundy piano and a greasy charmer chock full of lyrics about good shampoo, gettin' high by the county line, how that guy is gonna get you girl, etc. on the endless search for that elusive summer romance. Not unlike finding an old, unopened 1980 pack of Wacky Packages and finding the gum still chews just fine, Barreracudas make power pop pop on and on.

- CMJ -

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  Please don‘t ask. I dont know what a Barreracuda is. Maybe a typo? All I know is..