ABOUT BLANKS, THE - Ignore This Product LP

  • ABOUT BLANKS, THE - Ignore This Product LP
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  • Product Code: Full Trash 110
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Yay! The boys are back and better than ever!! Your favourite loudest and snottiest bullshitters are finally bugging around again. It's been three years that their debut lp "12 Boring Blasts" was taken on by the specialized punkrock press with a boooooombastic lack of interest and consequently made the record to an "almost classic". However thats old news!
Finally you will get the chance to ignore the next genius effusion of the weirdos from europe's melting point of oddness but you shouldn't! "12 Boring Blasts" is completely sold out and as of now 10 is the new 12! 10 new songs representing the NOW-sound of yesterday! 10 new songs recorded in the old fashioned way at Schaltraum Berlin (BEATSTEAKS, STEREO TOTAL, DIE SKEPTIKER, WALTER SCHREIFELS) on big 3 inch tape which proves that analogue truly is the new betamax! 10 new songs revealing the banalities of any situation in life. 10 new songs that makes all the other amateurs look like their peers. Soundwise? Think MODERN PETS, THE STITCHES & THE BRIEFS meet THE PROFESSIONALS & THE BUZZCOCKS meet a roadkill squirrel. Nuff said! Let the "COCKNEY REJECTS vom Prenzlauer Berg" speak for themselves in this interview down below:

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