• PINK WINE - s/t LP
  • Label: Ptrash
  • Catalog Number: Full Trash 97
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At the zenith of this hot summer it’s the right time to proffer you fresh debut full length of PINK WINE from Toronto. Add one part sucked blood from OUTTACONTROLLER, MARKED MEN, BLACK & WHITES and one part pure sweat from NO BUNNY-, HUNX AND HIS PUNX- or ERGS!-Live-Set to an oldfashioned tub filled with ice to take a header into and you probably get an idea of what this record is all about. This Canadian four-piece is a frantic urge to party! For an ultimate legal high taste PINK WINE with your ears ordering this platter of wacky power-pop punk and for perfect satisfaction go & see them live. Any further lurid details needed!? Here we go: one inlay & great artwork, two colours (100 bubblegum-pink wax & 500 traditional black wax), two recording sessions (Sep 2012 & Feb 2013), two drummers (one each session), two speeds (33/45 one each side), two sides (A & B - Hell Yeah!), twelve catchy tunes…by all means a lot of FUN!!! And now together: “…I like Pink Wine – my friends all feel the same – we drink it all the time…I like Pink Wine…” Cheers!


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