THE BIG ITCH CLUB 7" (The #1s, September Girls, Faux Kings)

  • THE BIG ITCH CLUB 7" (The #1s, September Girls, Faux Kings)
  • 5.50€


It’s finally here, the 7” only phonograph debut brought to you by the unholy trinity of the Big Itch Club, Bachelor Rekurds & the Thomas House.

The EP features 4 tracks, Side 1 contains two of the earliest tracks by The #1s, 16 is their version of Gary Puckett's 'Young Girl'. The second track, Tell Me Why, was written in Eddie's sitting room after he fed Seán too much breakfast and was recorded by Robert Brady after he ate too many crisps. Side 2 kicks off with a reverb soaked cover of Electric Six “Gay Bar” by the September Girls. This was originally recorded by the September Girls for the Record Store Gay compilation in aid of Outhouse Dublin in April 2013.  What better way to finish off the EP then a track from the undisputed Intercontinental Champions of Rock & Roll the “Faux Kings” with a song ‘bout Empowered women beating up men for a living. That's what our Luchadora does. You're looking at two hundred pounds of raw, hot rock'n'roll!!!!!"

The single will only be available at the show on november 16th & not in stores. After that you can order online from US!!!!








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