PEZBAND - Women & Politics 12"

  • PEZBAND - Women & Politics 12"
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1980 was a rough year for Chicago’s Pezband. After three albums and two live EPs, interest from their label vaporized and the group disbanded. Following a year of rest, guitarist Mimi Betinis and drummer Mick Rain were energized and ready to to give the band another shot. Joined by original member John Pazdan, the trio headed to Los Angeles to record at the legendary Record Plant, where high school friend Paul Broucek worked. With Broucek at the helm, Pezband completed Women & Politics, a four-song EP that saw the band sharpening a harder edge without abandoning their power pop roots. Women & Politics was shopped around, but in a post-Knack industry, none of the majors were biting, and the EP was shelved. Frodis Records, in collaboration with Common Market Media, presents the first-ever release of Women & Politics, freshly remastered from the original tapes.

Frodis Records, in collaboration with Common Market Media, is ecstatic to announce the first-ever official release of Pezband's Women & Politics EP, freshly remastered by producer Paul Broucek, now President of Music at Warner Bros. Pictures.

"Pezband in 1982 holds up remarkably well in 2016... Back in the '80s, people would have called it 'new wave', and in no way is that a bad thing."
-- Ric Menck, Ugly Things Magazine

"Pezband fans, and power pop fans in general, should rejoice. We know we are... A truly great release."
-- Alan Haber, Pure Pop Radio

"It’s a crime that 'Office Girls' and 'Fab Girlfriends' weren’t radio hits in the early ’80s, when this should have been released."  -- Dan Pavelich, Kenosha News 

"Far too good to leave it buried in the era! ...I think this is one release of high significance."
-- Hiroyuki Mori, Power Pop Revival

"A vinyl release, and a highly recommended one."
-- Powerpopaholic

"This is the first time this recording is seeing the light of day, and it’s a shame it took so dang long."
-- Razorcake


  • Limited, numbered pressing of 500 copies
  • 400 on black vinyl, 100 on colored vinyl
  • Liner notes featuring photos and interviews with the band on the making of the EP