TODAY'S HITS - Sex Boys 7"

  • TODAY'S HITS - Sex Boys 7"
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Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised… TODAY’SHITS!!!

Today’sHits started when a young man from Kentucky somehow got the crazy idea that he was going to write and record a new song every single day. And every day without fail, James Swanberg has done just that. Over 1000 days and 1000 songs later, the hits just keep coming every day. Now that’s all well and good, but what does that mean? Well, for a little perspective, consider the fact that when The Beatles were in Hamburg, they were playing eight hours a night seven hours a week. By the time they became famous, they had already played 1,200 shows together. Now, I’m not trying to compare Today’shits to The Beatles. I’m just trying to point out the good a lot of practice can do.

James has probably written more songs in the last three years than most people do their whole life, and he has gotten really, really good at it. He is a real life rock n roll poet, able to distill simple truths into great, poppy rock n roll songs. Sometimes these truths are profound, asking why can’t we love the ones who love us back? And a lot of times the truth are very simple, talking about smoking weed and going to the movies. Either way, every day they are wrapped in short and poignant, one verse one chorus, rock n roll haikus. And, if you write 1,000 of them, you know some of them are going to be perfect, like the four songs on this EP.

James moved to Chicago recently and hooked up with Kenny Alden, who has been quietly destroying the local scene here with his unbelievably great band Magic Milk, and also found the perfect drummer in Andy Martin. Together they have moved this recording project out of the bedroom and into venues here and across America. The addition of Kenny has been crucial to the manifestation of Today’shits as a band – he’s like the John Cale to James’ Lou Reed, being instrumental in defining the bands sound as well as pushing the band forward to play a lot of shows, to tour, and to be the great band that they are. This record contains 4 perfect crafted pop gems, and you can rest assured there are over 9,996 more where that came from. You will fall in love with Today’shits eventually, one way or the other, as they begin their quest for world domination, so you might as start falling in love now with this, yet another smash hit record on Randy!!!

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