TEENAGE LOVERS - I Wanna Be Your Boy / Number One

  • TEENAGE LOVERS - I Wanna Be Your Boy / Number One
  • Label: Randy
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Classic single of SMITH WESTERNS side project from loooong time ago!

This record is the brainchild of Max, the lead guitarist from Smith Westerns. It came out sometime between the Smith Westerns Hozac 7" and their LP. When I heard these tracks, I just knew that the Smith Westerns' LP was going to be as great as it was. Smith Westerns had been a favorite of mine since the first time I saw them, when their live shows were mostly memorable because they broke stuff, brought fireworks, fought each other, etc. Then they went on tour with Nobunny and their style changed. They moved away from their Black Lips phase, and into a more pop-oriented style, eventually settling on the glam influences that you hear on their debut LP. But this 7" is somewhere in between, a little more like Nobunny than either the Black Lips or T. Rex, and a lot more sinister than the newer songs they have been putting out. This 7" songs boil down all of the sexual frustration of being an awkward 18 year old rock and roller into two mind blowing pop gems. This 7" is truly a double A-sider, if there ever was one. Unlike the first press, all of this press is housed in full color sleeves.


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