BIG DICK - Disappointment LP

  • BIG DICK - Disappointment LP
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This is no flabby piece popping outta Ottawa. BIG DICK sounds well-hung and always on the loose. Bass player and singer John also plays guitar and sings in URANIUM COMEBACK and together with drummer Dave Secretary (formely of CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE) they have been part of the incestuous Ottawa scene forever. BIG DICK is last years’ mind exploding recommendation from our Canadian scout Rob (STATUES, DER FADEN), who was lucky enough to see them live at Ottawa Explosion 2014 weekend.
Armed with an armada of effect pedals, this second album starts off catchy and hooky with 'Let down', 'Last days' and 'Sick' that sound a bit like NOMEANSNO's Rob Wright helping out in the WHITE WIRES. Cool and poppy choruses and slightly distorted vocals.
But the bigger the dick grows, the noisier it gets on songs like 'Crawl' and 'Mariner', where the duo's love for all the 90s Touch&Go / AmRep noise bands like TAR, UNSANE or HAMMERHEAD starts shining through. On 'Good hunting' the distortion pedal is finally put down to the floor on and the melodic choruses and vocals make way for more screams and noisy bass-heavyness. The monotone and pumping basslines in 'Young love' and 'Bad dreams' even remind of 'Release'-era COP SHOOT COP and SHELLAC. But BIG DICK's noisy post-hardcore sound always maintains a part of Canadian poppiness and this definitely makes this record a grower and a shower.
"Disappointment" recorded by Yogi at Meatlocker Studios, mixed and mastered by Mike Bond!