POWERCHORDS, THE - More than me /w Chemical Girl 7"

  • POWERCHORDS, THE - More than me /w Chemical Girl 7"
  • 4.00€

It‘s hard to toss the term „Poppunk” nowadays, it has become a generic term for commercial-radio music that has guitars and drums. Poppunk isnt punk that was just polished to make it suiteable for everyone‘s ears. Poppunk is snotty and fast 77 styled songs mangled and put on a griddle, strewn with sugar and cut into pieces that have the exact songs structure of 60ties heroes like ZOMBIES and BEACH BOYS with a touch of UNTERTONES and BUZZCOCKS. These two songs here are the perfect example of how simple and catchy songs can sound, and how hard it must be to assemble all the pop hooks and harmonies. It‘s no surprise that we are proud to have them on our label!

Print Run: 500 copies, black vinyl, housed in a full color cardboard sleeve.