PLEXI 3 - Tides of Change LP

  • PLEXI 3 - Tides of Change LP
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Here at the Bachelor Pad Royale we hardly make exceptions. Bachelor is concentrating on putting out vinyl singles by young
bands which simply kick ass, no matter what style they play or what scene they could fit into. BUT: When I gave my boss a
CDR with the PLEXI 3 demos, he flipped. After listening to it for three days straight he made a very expensive
intercontinental phone call and persuaded the three plexis to ink a deal with his label, Bachelor, not for a simple 7", no sir, for
their debut full lenght record! Only a couple of weeks later, 13 songs full of 60s girl group and mod/pop sounds flavoured with
just the perfect pinch of garage punk attitude were pressed on 500 black vinyls and 100 solid orange ones. (12 originals and
one cover by the EVERLY BROTHERS) Now it is your turn as music expert and scenester to buy this gem!
yours sincerely,
Mindy Hecht
(very private secretary)

Debut album by this band from Milwaukee, WI., after three great 7"s on HOZAC, Dusty Medical and Full Breach Kicks.
500 black vinyl / 100 orange vinyl.
They are too cool to have a website but they have an account on
Mastered by Jim Diamond / Ghetto Recorders.

RYAN has also been in the KILL-A-WATTS.
WENDY is also in the all-girl wonder band THE FLIPS and ran KRYPTONITE RECORDS.
ADAM is a well know society reporter and runs his own zine called PLASTIQUE POP.

PLEXI 3 "Tides of Change” LP
"There isn't much missing from this package. They pull various influences (mod, punk, girl group melodics, Sixities pop...)
together to create music that seems so simple it's frightening. It's as if they finally found some secret formula people have
been seeking for ages. But it's probably just two very talented song writers and musicians ending up in the right
circumstances. They even nail a Love cover, something many bands can do passably, but few can do this well. They should
release an LP immediately instead of teasing us with more singles. But I will take what I can get. Best band in Wisconsin right
now." (RK) From the archives of

"When you buy a lot of punk singles and EPs--which I do from time to time--they can often all blend together in your mind.
Even records you enjoy can be quickly filed and forgotten as you move onto the next nine limited-edition colored-vinyl 7"
records that showed up in the mail from Underground Medicine that day. Not so with Plexi 3's first record. Its manic pace,
refreshingly non-distorted guitars, loopy girl-boy harmonies, and Raincoats-y wobbliness kicked a good dent in my memory
box. I probably played that record seventeen times the day I got it.
This record, Plexi 3's second, is almost as good as the first one. All of the elements that made the first EP great are here,
too. The only note it misses in comparison is that the Radiators from Space cover here (while perfectly fine) can't touch the
band's ultra-dreamy Love cover from the preceding record. At the time of this writing, Plexi 3 are working on their first fulllength
album. This household hotly anticipates it." - Jason Hernandez

"To look into the future it's best to take a step back in the past. Plexi 3 have one eye on moderne sleekness and the other on
the obtuse, flashy and unique over the top design of the past. Part girl-group drama & Midwest quirk, a bit of surly attitude
yet all sparkly. Both of side one's tunes, Wendy's "We Know Better" and Ryan's "Stabbing Fantasies", are like the most
favorite tracks of any given Messthetics comp., trimmed away the excess fat then kicked it in the ass and ordered them run
as fast as they can. Side two is a cover of the Radiators From Space's "Enemies" that keeps loyal to the original but doesn't at
all attempt to be some kinda replica and succeeds on it's own. " Smashin' Transistors