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This is the kind of garage punk that makes me glad that I am not completely deaf yet , but I will soon be because I cannot stop listening to these four songs without pumping up the volume just a little bit more after every song. This is the second single of this trio from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and its just not too trashy so you can easily play it when you are DJing at the local hipster hangout and leave the RIP OFFS, PROBLEMATICS, TEENGENERATE and RAYDIOS singles at home cause they have been recorded way to crappy anyways. REAL NUMBERS take the punk edges of before mentioned bands and drench it into a bittersweet juice. Recorded by Brian Hermosillo.

Print run: 500 copies, black vinyl, handnumbered.

Side A
1. Cant Find A Way
2. Tass Times

Side B
1. NY Girls
2. You're breaking up

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