SAMUEL S. PARKES - Lock & Key 7"

  • SAMUEL S. PARKES - Lock & Key 7"
  • 2.00€

The Sparkies are Leeds based 5 piece premier ‘New Northern’ collective. Here we go with their long anticipated debut 7“.

Their brand of uptempo, uplifting Northern Soul stompers are influenced by the 45´s of the golden years but with a modern(ist) twist. „Lock & Key“ is a beautifully written track that oozes the pain and anguish in Sam´s haunting voice, perfectly accompanied by Rachel´s harmonies. In addition, „Let Me Go“ on the flip side is a floor filling track that thrusts the energy of the ‘New Northern’ scene. Exploding into life and driven by the drums & swirling Hammond organ it is groovy, uptempo, fast paced and surely in particularly upbeat mood !!

Lock & Key
Let me Go

Samuel S. Parkes - guitar, vocals
Rachel Mary Shaw - vocals
Josh Edge - bass guitar
Callum Sammon - drums

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